Dear Colleague or Friend:

Hanan Baddar was a vibrant and energetic member of our UCSB community who had a positive and cheerful influence on all of us who knew her. She was an outstanding young physicist conducting experiments on liquid helium. As you know, she was tragically taken from us on Monday July 15, 1996 in a senseless automobile accident. To preserve her memory and to honor her, the Physics Department has established the HANAN BADDAR GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP FUND, an endowed fund administered by The UCSB Foundation. Income from the fund will be used for a fellowship to attract a particularly promising potential first-year graduate student to the Physics Department of UCSB.

If you would like to honor Hanan by a tax deductable contribution to the endowment, you can send a check made out to The UCSB Foundation to:

Hanan Baddar Graduate Fellowship Fund
c/o Department of Physics
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

You can also drop off a contribution in the UCSB Physics Department office, or send it to Janice Hartoch Taylor, Director of Foundation Relations, UCSB ((805) 893-8406/893-2600). You may wish to attach a note stating that your donation is "for The Hanan Baddar Graduate Fellowship Fund in Physics". If you are interested in obtaining information regarding substantial contributions, you are welcome to contact Janice by phone. However any modest contribution will help to maintain this fund in Hanan's honor and memory.


Last Modified: 30-August-2004