Images of Spatio-Temporal Structures

This page is under construction.

The next few pages give examples of images collected by our group and illustrate a number of interesting features of pattern-forming systems. You are welcome to copy and use these images, but the original authors will be pleased if the appropriate reference, given below each image, is cited. The work which yielded these images was supported by the National Science Foundation and by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Fluctuations below Onset

Convection Patterns near Onset (9 images, 700 kb total)

Spatio-Temporal Chaos (9 images, 480 kb total)

Localized Structures (6 images, 430 kb total)

Other Strange Patterns (1 image, 69 kb total)

Defects (11 images, 410 kb total)

Electroconvection (6 images, 510 kb total)

Two-phase-convection (4 movies, 25Mb total)

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